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Horse barn


Summerfield Farm & Draft Horses

Where the Draft horse is King!

  • Custom groundwork education packages for your equine friend.

  • Basic Horsemanship lessons. Know what your getting into BEFORE investing in a new friend.

  • 2 Week-30 Day quarantine services.

  • Rehabilitation/Re-training of Draft horses from workhorse to pleasure horse.


Basic Horsemanship classes

Ready to get into horses? We are ready to show you what you need to know when it comes to horse ownership  .

Groundwork, Trailer & Behavioral Training 

Equine confidence building, encouraging curiosity, learning trust and patience on the ground and in the trailer.

2 Week - 30 Day Quarantine Services

From a 2 week Barn to Barn move or an all inclusive 30 day new purchase from an unknown history quarantine, we can do it!

Need horsey stuff? 

Shop our new store

We have gently used and new horse tack, equipment and supplies in our new on-line store. If your in the "Near Me" area of 27018, you can also contact us to make an appointment and pick up your purchase. 

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